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Make Miniature Paper Pastry and Chocolate Cups or Cases for Muffins or Cupcakes


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Make Delicate Fluted Paper Cups For Miniature Pastries, Cupcakes and Chocolates
Tiny 1/12 inch paper cases for dolls house chocolates made with a polymer clay crimping tool.

A crimping tool and base mold made from polymer clay, used to shape paper cases for dolls house miniature chocolates and candies.

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Although you can paint faux baking cases or baking cups on dolls house muffins and cupcakes (fairy cakes), sometimes you need a pastry case to show off special pastries in a bakery or tea shop scene. The same technique used for making cases suitable for cookies and pastries, can be used to make case suitable for smaller miniatures, like scale chocolates for a chocolate box. Making the molds is fairly easy, but the cases will only work if you make them from a suitable thin paper.

The molds for these cases can be made from either polymer clay or silicone mold putty and marettes. If you want to make cases for tiny miniatures, like the chocolates shown above, you will need to carve the fluted mold on the end of a toothpick or on the end of a roll of polymer clay.

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