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Make Dolls House Lemons and Lemon Slices from Polymer Clay


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Reduce the Lemon Cane to Dolls House Scale
Lemon cane rolled down to 1/4 inch thick to make lemon slices, and lemons in dollhouse scale.

The basic cane form is rolled down to approximately 1/4 inch thick to make lemon slices, and lemons in dolls house scale.

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Take your capstan shaped cane and begin to roll it gently and evenly,to reduce it to dollhouse scale. Keep the diameter of the cane even across it's length as you roll it. Make sure you don't allow the ends to twist around as you roll. If your cane becomes unmanageably long, cut it in half and roll each end separately. The cane ends will become a mix of colors as you roll, the best sections of the cane will come from cuts you make near the center of the cane.

To make lemons in 1:12 dollhouse scale you will need to reduce the cane to between 1/3 and 1/4 of an inch in diameter. You can use the ends of the cane where the section definition is not as clear to make whole lemons. Each whole lemon needs 1/4 of an inch length of cane or slightly longer to make. Steps to making the lemons are shown in step 9 of these instructions.

When you have the cane rolled to the correct diameter, set it aside to rest and firm up.

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