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Make Dolls House Lemons and Lemon Slices from Polymer Clay


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Make Dolls House Lemons and Lemon Slices from Polymer Clay
Segments, slices, peel and whole lemons made from polymer clay in dollshouse scale.

Peel, lemon slices, lemon segments, whole lemons and lemons being peeled are all made in dolls house scale from a basic lemon cane.

Photo copyright 2009 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

Dollhouse scale citrus fruit canes are all made using the same method, just different colors and amounts. Canes look best if they have a minimum of eight fruit sections, and a high contrast between the flesh and the pith colors. You can see Angie Scarr using this method to Make miniature oranges. The citrus fruit cane is an easy cane for a beginner to make, and gives you good practise in making and reducing sectioned canes.

The lemons shown here use the same technique as Angie Scarr's oranges. The technique can be used to make lemons, grapefruits, satsuma oranges, blood oranges and limes.

Before you begin to make the cane, give some thought as to what types of lemon slices you want for future projects. Even the small amount of clay used for these canes, produced a six inch long cane, good for hundreds of lemon slices, or a couple of dozen small lemons.

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