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Create Realistic Ice Creams from Polymer Clay


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Make Your Choice of Realistic Scale Ice Creams and Cones from Polymer Clay
Dollhouse doll holding two ice cream cones.

George the dolls house gardener holds a vanilla waffle ice cream cone and a cone cup with strawberry gelato made in 1:12 scale from polymer clay.

Photo copyright 2009 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

George, my garden boy, is clutching a gelato and a vanilla ice cream in his rather clumsy hands. Ice creams of all types are fairly simple to make from polymer clay. In the pages that follow I've laid out instructions for flat bottomed cones, as well as traditional waffle cones or sugar cones or cornets. All kinds of ice cream 'flavors' can be made, just pay careful attention to how your particular brand behaves when baked, and blend in translucent clay for particular effects.

If you are new to using polymer clay, please read the information on safe handling of polymer clay before you begin.

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