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An Elegant Tower of Caramel Covered Puff Pastries in Dolls House Scale


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Cut Your Croc En Bouche Free of the Baking Tile
Croque En Bouche tower of caramel covered cream puffs in dolls house scale.

A dolls house scale Croque En Bouche made from polymer clay with a swirl of spun sugar for decoration.

Photo copyright 2009 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

When all your glazes have dried, gently slide a polymer clay knife under your Croque en Bouche, which should be still attached to the baking tile. This will remove your 'dripped' caramel layer and leave it to show on your presentation plate. Attach the base of your tower to a dolls house scale plate or serving platter with a bit of museum wax. Set it on a sideboard or give it a showcase space at the head bridal table.

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