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An Elegant Tower of Caramel Covered Puff Pastries in Dolls House Scale


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Materials Needed to Make Croc En Bouche From Polymer Clay
Roll of polymer clay cut into equal sections to roll into dolls house cream puffs.

How to cut polymer clay into equal sections for dolls house cream puffs.

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>Before You Begin Make Sure You Have Read the Safe Handling Instructions for Polymer Clay

To Make Croque En Bouche From Polymer Clay You Will Need:

  • Dough Colored Polymer Clay for cream puff dough. Here are the basic blending instructions for dough colored polymer clay
  • Sharp Polymer Clay Blade or single sided razor blade
  • Liquid Polymer Clay not absolutely necessary but adds a nice touch
  • Acrylic Gloss Finish
  • Sharp Glass Headed Pins or rounded toothpick or clay tool, to shape pastrys
  • Baking Tile or Pan
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Bent Nose Tweezers
  • Ochre Colored Pastels or ochre colored acrylic or water color paint to color pastries
  • Tiny Silver No Hole Beads or small angled slices of an oblong roll of ivory colored clay made to resemble almonds, or small balls of translucent red clay 'cherries' to decorate your tower.
  • Unspun Fibre or Roving mohair (dolls hair) or silk or wool roving in a caramel color work well.
  • Artist's Spray Mount Adhesive I used 3M brand, reviewed here
  • Fine Paintbrush

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