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An Elegant Tower of Caramel Covered Puff Pastries in Dolls House Scale


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Make Croque En Bouche in Dolls House Scale From Polymer Clay
Dolls house doll carrying a plate with a tower of Croque En Bouche caramel coated cream puffs.

Dolls house scale Croque En Bouche pastry tower of caramel covered cream puffs decorated with spun sugar.

Photo copyright 2009 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

Croque En Bouche is an elegant tower of cream filled puff pastries, coated with caramel and wrapped in spun sugar. This French speciality, is served on special occasions and often as a wedding cake.

This dolls house Croque En Bouche (literally crunch in the mouth) is simply made from polymer clay. It can be glazed with acrylic gloss varnish, or you can use a combination of varnish and liquid polymer clay 'streamers' of caramel. The spun sugar effect is created the same way the cotton candy spun sugar is made, from silk or mohair roving. For the effect of spun caramel, blond mohair used for dolls house wigging works well.

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