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Dolls House Scale Treats Made From Faux Spun Sugar


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Preparing Fine Silk or Cotton Fibers to Resemble Spun Sugar
Fine strands of silk fibers are pulled from a roll of silk roving and made into tiny fiber batts.

A one inch length of dyed silk roving is teased apart and laid out into 3/4 inch wide rolls of straightened fiber.

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When your chosen fiber is dyed and ready to use, hold the fiber in one hand and gently pull away straight fibers from the group with your other hand. As you pull the straight fibers away, lay them on a sheet of paper in a line approximately 3/4 of an inch wide, overlapping them slightly and pressing down on them slightly as you lay out a loose mat of fibers. (see photo)

You want to create a thin matted layer of fibers that will hold loosely together if you pick it up from one end. All the strands should run in the same direction.

Note These lines of fibers are very light and will fly away easily, so make sure you are working away from draughts!.

If You Are Using Cotton Ball Fibers try to remove any little clumps of cotton or 'pills' of fiber as you create your batts. You want only fibers, not lumps of fibers to best mimic spun sugar. Don't worry if your batt is uneven or slightly thicker in some spots.

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