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Make Scale Miniature Peanuts in the Shell For Dollhouse and Model Scenes


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String Your Scale Model Peanuts to Make Miniature Bird Feeders
Dolls house scale peanuts are threaded on embroidery floss to make a miniature bird feeder.

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Photo copyright 2010 Lesley Shepherd

When your model peanuts are dry you can make effective miniature bird feeders by stringing the peanuts together. Use a very fine beading or embroidery needle and a single strand of embroidery floss to string your peanuts on a knotted thread. Set the peanuts on the thread so that they do not line up in a row, but project in different directions. If the center of your miniature peanut is very tiny, thread the peanut onto your string closer to the end of the peanut and not through the thin center. With air dry clay, some of your peanuts may develop cracks as they dry. These can look like nuts the birds have cracked, so don't worry if they aren't perfect.

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