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Make Dollhouse Scale Raw and Cooked Pasta From Polymer Clay


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Blend Polymer Clay to Make an Ochre Colored Mix
Ochre polymer clay blended from yellow and mid brown.

Ochre color polymer clay blended from yellow and mid brown. This is a useful basic color for miniature baked goods.

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

Ochre colored polymer clay is the basic color needed to match a range of dried and cooked pastas. To mix a basic ochre color, blend slightly more of a deep yellow (I'm using cadmium yellow Premo! clay in this photo), with a basic mid brown color (mix of yellow, tiny amount of red and tiny amount of blue. Here's the tutorial on basic brown polymer clay mixes if you have the primary colors but no brown.

If you have waste clay from other projects, it can often be combined to make a mid brown that will blend well with yellow to make ochre.

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