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Make Dollhouse Miniature Tea Bags


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Make Teabags for Dolls House Scenes
Dollhouse miniature scale tea bags.

Dollhouse scale tea bags with a miniature teacup made from printable miniatures

Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

These tiny dollhouse tea bags can be made in a range of shapes to suit your 'brand' of tea. I dialed up the contrast on this photo to show the tea bags more clearly, but they are filled with 'tea' which can be clearly seen in normal light. The tea is actually finely ground black pepper, which doesn't attract insects the way other natural materials might. You make the tea bags in strips, so you can make lots at one time to fill a printable tea box, or one of the printable tea cannisters in the printable kitchenware sets. I've made the tea bags from two different materials, choose the one which suits you best. One set were made using very light weight non woven interfacing, available from fabric shops and dressmaking suppliers, or alternatively, available as floating row covers for frost and insect protection of vegetable gardens. You can find it from gardening suppliers and nurseries, often listed by one brand name of Reemay or remay.

Once you've made your teabags, you can color them with watercolor paint (burnt sienna works well) to suggest used tea bags, and place a puddle of 'tea' made from acrylic floor polish, or acrylic tar gel artist's medium mixed with a small amount of watercolor paint, at the base of the tea bag. Tar gel mixed with watercolor made the 'tea' in the shamrock printable tea cup shown here. The same method can be used to mimic the effect of pouring tea, as shown here in the instructions for making pouring liquids for miniature scenes.

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