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Make Miniature Pork Pies From Polymer Clay in Dollhouse Scales


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Prepare the Pork Pie Pastry Dough From Polymer Clay
Polymer clay with extra white and translucent added to make a liner layer for a miniature pork pie.

To make 'multi-layer' pastry for miniature polymer clay meat pies, extra white and translucent clay are added to the basic pastry mix.

Photo © 2013 Lesley Shepherd

The basic pastry dough is made using the basic dough color mix with a bit of extra ochre colored clay. Here are the instructions to mix ochre and the instructions for basic brown mixes if you are using primary colors of clay.

For open pies and pie slices it is more realistic to use a double layer of dough. For the second layer, take your basic pastry mix and add a bit of extra white and translucent. You will apply the lighter pastry color to the inside of the pastry case in the next step.

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