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Make Miniature Mushrooms for Dollhouses or Model Scenes


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Make Dollhouse Scale Miniature Mushrooms in a Range of Varieties
Delight air dry clay mushrooms in a dollhouse basket.

All the mushrooms in this basket are 1:12 dollhouse scale made from Delight air dry clay, colored with pastels or watercolor paints and glazes.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

Tiny mushrooms with a texture, feel and color like the real varieties are fun to have in a dollhouse kitchen, outdoor setting, or in a Witch's kitchen. The mushrooms shown here are all made from Delight air dry clay, which is the closest modelling material in texture and result to real mushrooms. Although you will use very little clay for this project, the air dry clay can be kept in a closed, zip lock bag with small amounts of water added to the bag once in a while to keep the clay from drying out. Dried clay can be brought back to usefullness by taking small amounts and dipping them in water, then setting them aside to remoisten, repeating this process until you can knead the clay easily.

Delight has some unusual modelling properties which lend it to projects where slight 'wrinkling' is beneficial in the finished objects, including breads and buns, which can be made with a very realistic texture and feel. You can view other projects made with Delight Clay on the Miniatures Site:

To display your miniature mushrooms you can make a traditional oval mushroom gathering basket by weaving the oval market basket / Easter basket with walls only half as high as shown in the instructions, and weaving the basket from plain colors. If you prefer you can make a flower gathering basket to show off your mushrooms. Mushrooms are traditionally gathered in baskets so any spores will fall to the ground to increase the number of mushrooms in future years.

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