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Make Dolls House Scale Foods and Baking With These Free Tutorials

These tutorials can be used to make dollhouse scale foods and miniature food displays in several scales. The foods are made using a wide variety of techniques and materials including polymer clay and beads.
  1. Dollhouse Baked Goods (20)
  2. Make Dollhouse Food Containers (12)

Make Junk Food For the Dollhouse
Instructions for making common junk or snack foods in dolls house scale.

Make Scale Miniature Peanuts in the Shell For Dollhouse and Model Scenes
These tiny peanuts can be strung for bird feeders or used for baking or snack scenes

Make Scale Miniature Chocolates From Polymer Clay
Make dollhouse scale miniature chocolates from polymer clay

How to Make Miniature Halloween Baking Decorations
Use modelling materials and silicon putty to make masters and molds of tiny decorations for your Halloween baking. The finished miniatures can be used as shaped candies, cake icing decorations, or as accents for furniture pieces.

Make Dollhouse Miniature Tea Bags
Make these tea bags with or without strings to use in tea shop, cafe, or kitchen settings.

Make Realistic Miniature Berries From a Range of Materials including Poly Clay
Make miniature raspberry or other drupe berry shapes from a wide range of materials, then use them to make molds to cast polymer clay berries for dollhouse scale foods.

Make Cereal "O"s for a Dollhouse Scale Breakfast
Make tiny rounded "O" shaped breakfast cereal bits from polymer or air dry clay for a dollhouse breakfast scene, box, or bowl.

Use Polymer Clay to Make a Miniature Haggis
Use polymer clay to make a dollhouse scale haggis for a miniature Burns Night Supper.

Create Splash Effects for Miniature and Model Scenes
Miniature splash effects for 'frozen moment' scenes in a model or dollhouse food display. The example given uses a dollhouse scale cereal bowl.

Make Opening Boxes in Dollhouse Scales From Polymer Clay
This miniature, opening heart shaped box is made from polymer clay over a metal form. This particular box looks like it is made of chocolate for a Dolls House Valentine's gift.

Make Dolls House Scale Candy Floss or Cotton Candy
Make miniature cotton candy (also known as candy floss, fairy floss and spun sugar) in dolls house scales using cotton or silk fibers.

Make Chocolate Curls and Ruffles From Polymer Clay
Use these techniques to make a variety of 'chocolate' curls and ruffles to decorate your dollhouse pastries.

Create Realistic Scale Ice Creams from Polymer Clay
How to create realistic scale ice cream and ice cream cones from polymer clay.

Review of Making Miniature Food and Market Stalls
A review of Angie Scarr's book Making Miniature Food and Market Stalls

Review of Angie Scarr's Book "Miniature Food Masterclass"
Book Review of Angie Scarr's Book "Miniature Food Masterclass" by the Guild of Master Craftsman Publications.

Make Realistic Miniature Jelly Desserts and Gelatins From Scenic Water
How to use Scenic Water to make molded miniature gelatins and wobbly jelly desserts in dolls house scales.

Make a Mold for Dolls House Scale Polymer Clay Pies
How to make a mold for polymer clay dolls house pies and pie crusts. With the pie crust you can make a lemon meringue pie.

Make Dolls House Lemons and Lemon Slices from Polymer Clay
Make dollhouse scale lemons and lemon slices or other citrus fruits from polymer clay canes.

Make Dolls House Scale Onion Canes from Polymer Clay
How to make dolls house scale onions from polymer clay using simple jelly roll canes.

Make Scale Miniature Raw Eggs
Make fresh 'raw' eggs for a range of model and miniature scenes. These eggs will stick to windows and other surfaces

Dollhouse Miniature Polymer Clay Peaches
Instructions for making extremely realistic 1:12 scale peaches with fuzz from polymer clay.

Making 1:12 Scale Dollhouse Blackberries or Bramble Berries
A project to make 1:12 scale dollhouse blackberries from black microbeads and thread.

Make Dollhouse Scale Marshmallows and Shaped Treats From Air Dry Clay
Make mini or regular marshmallows or popular Easter marshmallow treats in dolls house scales using air dry clay

Adapt Real Pasta to Make a Scale Version for Dollhouse Scenes or Displays
Tiny strands of real pasta can be shaped into macaroni, or used as spaghetti for dollhouse scale food packages.

Make Dollhouse Scale Dried and Cooked Pasta From Polymer Clay
Learn how to mix and roll polymer clay to make a range of dollhouse scale pasta, both 'dried' and 'cooked'. Instructions include making meatballs.

Make Dolls House Scale Swan Cookies From Punched Polymer Clay Hearts
Make these heart shaped dolls house swan cookies from polymer clay and decorate them for a bakery or Valentine's Tea scene.

Make a Dolls House Scale Miniature Panetonne - Italian Fruit Bread From Polyclay
Tutorial on how to make a dolls house scale Panettone from polymer clay.

Make a Miniature Dollhouse Fruit Box
How to make a miniature fruit or berry boxes for dollhouse scenes using recycled paper.

Make Miniature Pork Pies From Polymer Clay in Dollhouse Scales
Make realistic dollhouse scale pork pies with cooked and preserved fillings from polymer clay.

Make Miniature Mushrooms for Dollhouses or Model Scenes
Make miniature mushrooms for dollhouse and model scenes using Delight air dry clay and simple tools.

Make Dollhouse Scale Salami and Cold Cuts
Use these polymer clay techniques to make highly textured color blends for dollhouse deli sausages, salamis and other cold cuts.

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