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Make a Miniature LED Based Reading Lamp


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Fit the Light Bulb and Wiring Into the Miniature Reading Lamp
Fitting a miniature LED lamp into a 1:24 scale lamp.

With the lamp stem inserted through the acorn cap, the LED light assembly is threaded through the lamp stem to make a miniature reading lamp for a mouse house.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

Begin assembling your light by threading the wires from the miniature lamp through the brass tubing of the lamp stem. If you are making a lamp based on an acorn, fit the acorn cap on the brass tubing at the curve of the tubing and glue it in place before you begin to thread in the light bulb. My led wiring will not fit completely down into the tubing, but I can bend it up or down to adjust it to fit inside my acorn shade. If I was making a modern lamp with a brass shade I can adjust he length of the shade to cover the bulb.

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