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Make a Miniature LED Based Reading Lamp


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Make a Miniature Reading Lamp
Miniature reading lamp for a mouse, made from an acorn on a brass stand.

Miniature reading lamp for a mouse, made in 1:24 scale with a lampshade made from an acorn.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

Shown here designed for a table in a mouse house, this simple reading lamp can be made in miniature with several different shades, to take it from a mouse abode to a floor lamp for a modern setting. The design will be the same, only the shade, and possibly the color of the metal you make it from will need to be different. The lamp is shown here made using cool running LED bulbs which allow the use of small shades in tight quarters. I've set up this lamp with LED's from Evan Designs, which can be set up on a watch battery system that will run up to 10 lights. In the scale of 1:24 shown here, the lamp casts very little light on it's own, but with a reflective modern metal shade, it makes a great miniature lamp.

If you are going to use a metal shade for your lamp, you can use regular dollhouse light bulbs in a size suitable for your scale.

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