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Battery Operated LED Lamps For the Dolls House From Sutton Miniatures

Battery Powered Dolls House Lamps Add a Warm Glow When Extra Light Is Desired

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Parts of a Sutton Miniatures dollhouse lamp, separated to show the LED and the watch battery case.

The solid brass construction of the Sutton Miniatures table lamp unscrews at the base to open the battery case. The lamp shade unscrews from the base of the LED.

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These high quality metal dolls house lamps from Sutton Miniatures use cool running, 'warm' or 'cool' white LED's and thin 3 volt watch batteries to add mood lighting to small scenes. They come in a range of styles for dolls house walls, ceilings, floors or tables, with each light having its own individual battery and switch. As long as you can easily reach the built in switch to turn on the light, you can have lamps in your 1:12 scale miniature scene.

Adding Special Effects or Additional Lighting with Battery Powered Lights

There are times when you don't need a completely wired dollhouse lighting system, or where one or two extra battery powered lights would be enough to make the back reaches of a miniature room brighter, or add light effects to a stand alone display. The new battery powered LED lights from Sutton Miniatures are something a lot of miniaturists have been waiting for. Powered by a single 3 Volt watch battery, these lights are precision made, with tiny switches in the sturdy metal base, and a powerful LED bulb with either a 'cool' white or a warm white (soft orange or 'amber glow') cast .

Sometimes a transformer isn't large enough to carry all the lighting a room needs, or there may be times when you have a circuit go down in an otherwise working dolls house, and you don't want to go to the bother of rewiring the system. These lamps are great for situations where turning them on one by one isn't a difficulty. They may also be useful to people who want to light small displays only on particular occasions, or where lights are only needed for a small vignette on a table, or mantle during family celebrations.

The LED lamps come with a spare battery and an adhesive foam stick pad which can be used on exterior and interior walls or furnishings. The lamps have a spring loaded battery section which unscrews for easy battery replacement. The bulbs are cool or warm white (soft orange) LED's which last approximately 4000 hours before the bulb will need replacement. The product range is adjusting slightly, and the exterior lights will now have the 'amber glow' bulbs while the interior ones will have the white LED's.

Range of Traditional and Modern Styles and Lamp Types

Available in a range of table, ceiling and wall mount styles, these lamps are all are battery operated. To turn them on and off there is a tiny switch near the battery case. The lamps are precision made of sturdy metal, (the globe table lamp I tested was solid, well finished brass) with a battery base that unscrews to allow easy battery changes, and lampshades that screw onto the base of the LED bulbs. Take note of the battery case for each individual lamp, the bases that include the switch and the battery are just over 1/4 of an inch thick, and will be visible at the base of the lamp, or on the ceiling or wall, although they are well integrated into the lamp designs. The lamps are sturdy metal and are weighted accordingly. Larger lamps may need solid (rather than thinner card or foam) walls for secure attachment.

As these lamps are based on LED's they can will not give off much heat and can be used in small spaces. All wiring and circuits are neatly sealed and soldered, but the batteries should be removed if the lamp will sit for long periods of time unlit. Like a flashlight, the batteries may corrode.

Price and Availability - The lamps are well priced, ranging from $20 for a simple hanging lamp or globe table lamp to $230 for a battery operated 6 arm crystal chandelier. A wide range of period styles are available, in table, floor, ceiling and wall lamps. The popularity of these new designs means supply is currently exceeding demand.

Lamps are available online from Manhattan Dollhouse

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