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Make Doll Clothing for Any Size or Shape of Doll Including Dolls House Dolls


Use these easy step by step instructions to make removable clothing or costumes for any size of doll including dollhouse dolls, popular BJD, and fashion dolls including Barbie ™. There are a wide range of clothing possibilities for any level of sewer, including leggings, vests, jackets, shirts, jeans and shoes, made from easily available materials.

1. Custom Fit a Basic Torso Sloper For Patterns For Any Size or Shape of Doll

Basic flat paper pattern or sloper for the front torso of a female doll, used to make custom clothes
Photo copyright 2010 Lesley Shepherd

You can make patterns for all kinds of dolls clothes for any doll if you begin with a custom fit sloper pattern, an exact fitting pattern for a doll's top, without any seams. Use these instructions to make custom fitted sloper for your doll, then use it to adapt commercial patterns, or clothes, or create pattern pieces for custom clothes and costumes for your doll.

Custom Fit a Torso Sloper to Any Doll

2. Make a Pattern for a Simple Vest for Any Scale of Doll

A simple western vest for a Breyer rider doll made from felt with a one piece pattern.
Photo copyright 2010 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

This simple vest can be made first from felt, as a test, then from a range of fabrics or leathers to make various style vests for any size of doll.

Make a Simple Removable Vest for Any Size or Shape of Doll

3. Make a Basic Front Opening Long Sleeved Shirt for Any Scale of Doll

Basic front opening doll's shirt with sleeves is shown worn under a simple vest.
Photo copyright 2010 Lesley Shepherd

This basic long sleeved shirt can easily be made with a front (or back) opening. The sleeve length can be adjusted to suit your doll. Try it in a plain fabric first, then experiment with different fabrics and prints.

4. Custom Fit a Basic Pant Sloper for Patterns for Any Size or Shape of Doll

Basic pant pattern slopers custom fitted to a doll and used to make pants and shorts for that doll.
Photo copyright 2010 Lesley Shepherd.

Use these instructions to make a custom pants sloper pattern to fit your particular doll. With your pants sloper fitted to your doll, you can adapt the sloper to custom fit a range of pants, short and culottes to the doll.

5. Make Simple Removable Jeans for Any Size or Scale of Doll

Custom fitted removable doll jeans on a Brenda Breyer model horse rider doll.
Photo copyright 2011 Lesley Shepherd

This pattern for simple doll jeans is based on a pattern drawn from a custom pants sloper fitted to your doll.

6. Make Miniature Leggings

Simple doll leggings made to fit any size of doll.
Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

Sew these simple doll leggings for any size of doll, using the basic pant sloper pattern to cut the legging sections. You can sew these with no outside seam, or with an outside leg seam, depending on the shape of your doll.

7. Make Removable Camisoles and Briefs for Any Size or Scale of Doll

removable briefs and camisole for a tiny ball joint doll in 1:12 scale
Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

These essential underclothes can be easily hand sewn, even for tiny dolls, if you use the right fabrics. As shown here on a 1:12 scale doll the underclothes are made from a pair of baby tights, this makes them stretchable, without worrying about them unravelling. The briefs can be made for male or female dolls, and with simpler trims the camisole can become a vest.

Make Camisoles and Briefs for Any Size or Scale of Doll

8. Make Clothing for Baby Dolls

The well dressed baby can change out of this removeable sleeper you can custom fit to most baby doll sizes. The baby shown here is 1:12 scale. There are also instructions for making diapers and diaper pins

9. Make an Easy Evening or Prom Dress for Any Size or Shape of Doll

Polly Pocket doll in an easy to make evening dress.
Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

This strapless evening dress is made from a simple tube of knit fabric. For smaller dolls, like the 3 1/2 inch tall Polly Pocket doll shown here, the dress can be fitted with a bodice made from a strip of wired ribbon trim. The trim helps to hold the dress on the doll like a "twist-tie".

Although this is an easy removable dress to make for small dolls, the method can be scaled up to make dresses for dolls in any size or scale. As the dress is pulled on over the doll's legs, it is also suitable for dolls with larger than normal heads.

10. Make a Simple Removable Dress or Doll Skirt

Tiny handsewn dress and skirt for miniature dolls
Photo © 2012 Lesley Shepherd

This is a great starter project for learning to handsew doll clothes. This simple skirt or dress can be made from 'fat quarters' used for quilting if you can find an appropriate small scale design for your doll. The skirt or dress takes less than an hour to make, even sewing by hand.

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