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Make an Easy Removable Doll Dress


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Make an Easy Removable Dress for a Dollhouse Doll
A three inch tall felt hippopotamus models an easy to make dollhouse doll dress.

Hortense the Hippo models an easy to make dolls house scale doll dress which can be removed from a doll.

Photo copyright 2009 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

Make this easy dress for a dollhouse doll using circular pieces of fabric, bias tape, or stretch lace, narrow ribbon, and netting for a crinoline if you wish. Hortense the Hippo is modelling a Valentine's version in Bright Pink with a trim of hearts painted on white fabric (silk paj) using Setacolor fabric paints.

This little dress is an easy sewing project for someone just starting out. The dress can be made simpler by using felt or other fabrics that don't fray, and using only a single circular layer.

As you grow more experienced, you can adapt this method to making all kinds of doll's dresses, aprons, and other easy to sew dollhouse wear. For dolls for children, the dress is easy to remove and replace, needing only to be tied at the waist.

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