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Make a Tricorne for a Pirate, a Revolutionary or a Historic Character Doll


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Make a Dolls House Scale Tricorne Hat from Felt
A gold button holds the side of a traditional tricorne hat in dolls house scale.

The gold button that holds the side of this tricorne hat is made from a mini paper brad

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Tricorne Hats were worn by men and women from about 1650 through to the end of the 1700's. This makes them a fashion accessory during the main years of the Caribbean Pirates, the American Revolution, and the French Revolution. They were also an item of military dress and remain a part of the uniform of the Chelsea Pensioners.

The instructions given here will help you make a basic tricorn hat which can be made of felt (or leather) and which you can adapt for pirate, civilian or military clothing for dolls house dolls. Instructions are also given for making buttons for the sides of the hat, as well as cockades. Adding feathers and trim is up to you!

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