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Make Wire Hands for Clothespin Dolls
Paper or fabric wrapped wire is covered with embroidery thread for a clothespin doll's hands.

The wrap for a clothes pin doll's hands begins at the wrist, runs down to the wire, then continues along the arm after the wire has been bent to shape. See the rest of the tutorial.

Photo © 2013 Lesley Shepherd

As a more detailed alternative to making simple arms and hands from pipe cleaners, you can wrap wire with embroidery floss to shape simple loop or 'mitten' hands for clothespin dolls. To make the hands and arms by this method you will need a 4 1/4 inch (11 cm) length of 18 - 20 gauge wire, preferably wire which is wrapped with thread or paper (try the cake decorating or floral departments of a craft store).

To make the hands, begin wrapping the wire roughly 3/4 of an inch (2 cm) from the end of the wire, wrapping the wire towards the end (see photo). Use full strands of embroidery floss which are not separated into threads. Use a color suitable for your doll's costume or skin tone. When you reach the end of the wire,glue the floss lightly to the wire at the end and allow the glue to set. Do not cut the floss! Use a pair of pliers to bend the wire back on itself so the end of the wire is just slightly on the hand side of the start of your embroidery floss wrap. Take the thread back from the wire end to the main wire, wrapping over the wire to cover the end of the loop so all of the wire is covered with floss.

You can continue to wrap the entire length of the wire with floss up to the wrist section for the other hand (see next step). Do not cut the floss yet!

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