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Sew Simple Removable Jeans for Any Size or Scale of Doll


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Sew the Center Front and Back Seams on Your Doll Jeans
Matching the center front and back seams for a pair of doll jeans by fitting one leg inside another.

To sew the center front and crotch seams for a pair of doll's jeans, one leg is turned right side out and fitted inside the other leg. The seams are sewn from the inner leg seam to the waist on the front and to the back opening on the back.

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To sew the center front seam on your simple doll jeans, position your sewing machine needle on the leg seam where it meets the center front of the doll jeans. If you are sewing lightweight fabric, position the seam over a piece of paper and insert the legs of the jeans and the paper into the machine.

Stitch the center front seam of the doll jeans from the inner leg seam to the waist of the jean. Tie off the loose threads and reposition the needle in the center seam, this time preparing to sew the back seam of the doll jeans. For back opening doll jeans, sew the center back seam only as far as the end of the crotch curve. Leave the back seam open above this point in order to allow you to fit the jeans on the doll. If you are making an elastic waist for your doll jeans, sew the seam to the waist. Tie off the threads and turn the jeans right side out. Test fit them on your doll.

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