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Sew Simple Removable Jeans for Any Size or Scale of Doll


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Sew Simple Removable Jeans for Any Size or Scale of Doll
Custom fitted removable doll jeans on a Brenda Breyer model horse rider doll.

These simple custom fitted removable doll jeans are easy to sew for any size or scale of doll including the 1:8 scale Brenda Breyer model horse rider doll shown here.

Photo copyright 2011 Lesley Shepherd

Using a Custom Pants Sloper made to custom fit your chosen doll, you can easily make a pattern for simple removable jeans and sew them from the instructions which follow. The materials will depend on the size of doll you are working with. For the instructions which follow, I made a pair of jeans for a 1:8 scale Brenda Breyer doll from lightweight denim fabric from a worn denim shirt, destined for the rag pile. In the scale for miniature dolls, shirt or dress weight denim fabric is a good choice. For larger dolls, you may find regular denim recovered from a worn pair of jeans works well.

The jeans shown here are a good first test for a custom pants sloper designed for your doll. These jeans do not have any details, and rely on the fabric to suggest the pant style. As you become more familiar with making fitted pants for your doll, you can modify your basic sloper pattern to add traditional jean pockets, elastic waists, belt holders or other details to your basic jeans.

Materials Needed to Make Simple Removable Custom Jeans for a Doll:

  • Denim Fabric choose lightweight or well worn denim for doll clothes. Look for worn denim shirts, or quilting fabric designed to resemble denim to make clothing for smaller dolls. Second Hand Stores are a good source of clothing suitable to cut up for doll clothes.
  • Sewing Machine and appropriate thread - or hand sewing materials.
  • Fine Ribbon - for backing waistbands for fashion and miniature dolls where a waistband made from a double thickness of fabric would add too much bulk. For my 1:8 scale doll I used a fine silk embroidery ribbon, 1/4 inch (7mm) wide.
  • Small Snap Closure - or bits of lightweight hook and loop closure suitable for your size of doll.
  • Sharp Scissors - to cut fabric, ribbon and thread.
  • Paper or Lightweight Non Woven Interfacing - to make the jeans pattern.
  • Custom Fitted Pants Sloper Pattern - Made to fit your particular doll, see link to instructions at top of page.
  • PVA Glue or Fray Check to hold fine seams
  • Sewing Needle and Thread - to finish interior waistband edge and baste waistband if necessary.
  • Elastic Thread or Narrow Bathing Suit Elastic - if you want your doll jeans to have an elastic waist. An elastic waist will only work for dolls where the difference between the waist and hips can accomodate the extra fabric and elastic.

Also useful, especially if you don't sew, is fusible hemming tape or fusible webbing cut to small strips. This can be used to glue hems, waistbands, facings and other small edges to each other, using a steam iron.

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