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Make Vests For Any Size Doll Using Simple Patterns Made From Custom Slopers


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Make Vests For Any Size Doll in a Range of Styles Using Custom Sloper Patterns
A simple one piece western vest for a Breyer rider doll is made from felt and fine cord trim.

A simple one piece western vest for a Breyer doll is made from felt and fine cord trim.

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Once you have made a custom sloper pattern for the torso of your doll, you can use those slopers to easily make patterns for a range of simple or fancy vests. To start, make a simple one piece vest pattern from paper following the instructions in this tutorial, then test fit the pattern on the doll using non woven interfacing. The pattern can then be used for an easy vest made from nonwoven fabric. For this example I used felt, but you could use a scrap of leather or ultrasuede. Felt is inexpensive and is a good choice for easily testing patterns. Depending on the size of your doll, you may need to use a fine felted fabric to achieve the effect shown here on a 1:8 scale Brenda Breyer rider doll.

Once you understand how the pattern making process for vests works, and how they fit and drape on your particular doll, you can adapt your patterns to make a range of fashionable vests in many styles and fabrics.

As a project for a beginner, I made a one piece pattern for a western vest that can be made from a wide variety of materials and trims.

Materials You Will Need To Make A Simple Doll's Vest:

  • Basic Sloper Pattern - This is the foundation for making any type of doll clothing. Follow these instructions to make a Custom Sloper pattern for your particular doll.
  • Paper to lay out the vest pattern pieces.
  • Non Woven Interfacing To create final patterns to test fit on your doll.
  • Fabric or PVA Glue or Sewing Thread and a Needle to assemble your vest.
  • Trim to add detail to your finished vest. I used fine beading cord from the bead store, but you can use fine lace, ribbon or any other appropriate trim material.
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Fine Pencil to draw out your pattern.

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