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Make A Range of Dolls House Scale Hats with Conical Crowns - Pilgrim's Hats


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Make Dolls House Felt Hats With Conical Crowns - The Puritan or Pilgrim's Hat
Capotain felt hat, Puritan or Pilgram hat, made from felt in a size for a dolls house doll.

The Capotain is a conical felt hat with a brim. As worn by the Puritans it has a simple hat band and buckle. The same hat is worn by the American Pilgrims, and similar hats are shown worn by Leprechauns.

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A range of felt hats for dolls house scales are easily made with these instructions for making a Capotain, or conical crowned hat. A large number of popular hats for historical or fantasy costumes are made with conical crowns. The capotain was a popular hat worn from the mid 1500's to 1600's and is seen as the Puritan and Pilgrim hat with a plain brim, as well as adapted for use as a military Shako or Fez , with a small peaked brim (the Shako) or no brim (the Fez or Tarboosh). The Puritan hat style also crossed over into the illustration of leprechauns and is commonly associated with them as well.

The tutorial which follows shows you how to shape a circle of wool felt (it must be wool felt as it needs to shrink!) into a range of hats with conical crowns, with and without brims. Once you have learned the technique you can use it for everything from felted victorian riding caps, mens 'beaver' felt hats and hats for the 'mad hatter'.

To Make These Hats You Will Need:

  • Small Amount of Wool Felt - for the 1:12 scale Puritan's hat shown above I used a circle of felt 2 1/8 inches in diameter. If you do not have wool felt, other woven or knitted wool fabric may shrink and felt. Try scraps left over from other proejcts.
  • A Suitable Size Cork (not plastic) - The cork is tapered in shape and is used for shaping the crown of the hat. For a 1:12 scale doll I used a #4 cork which is 13/16 inches (20.6 mm) long, 5/8 inches (15.9 mm) diameter at top or wide end and 15/32 in. (11.9 mm) at the base of the taper. General hardware stores often sell corks. If you cannot find a suitable cork, you can make a hat form by sanding a piece of wood dowelling to similar dimensions. The cork must be made of real cork and not plastic or rubber as it must withstand the hottest temperature of your iron.
  • Iron
  • Oven Mitt or Glove - To protect your hand when ironing and shrinking the felt.
  • Dressmakers Pins
  • Thread
  • PVA (White) Glue
  • Small Buckle I used a metal buckle from Rio Rondo Enterprises, but you can make a suitable buckle from aluminium or tin foil or painted card.

Make a printable Puritan's Hat - This pdf (acrobat reader file) for a Capotaine hat has printable parts to make paper or card hats in 1:6, 1:12, 1:24 or 1:48 scales. If you prefer you can use the templates to make hats from fabric.

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