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Make a Basic Doll's Shirt With Long Sleeves For Any Size or Shape of Doll


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Make a Custom Sloper Pattern To Fit the Arm of Your Doll
Lightweight interfacing is held tightly to a doll's arm and marked for a custom arm sloper pattern.

A piece of lightweight interfacing is pinned tightly to the arm of a doll, and the underarm seam is traced onto the interfacing. Note that there is extra material at the top of the doll's arm.

Photo copyright 2010 Lesley Shepherd

To make a pattern for sleeves for your basic doll shirt you will first need to make a custom sloper pattern that fits your particular doll's arm.

To Make the Custom Arm Sloper Pattern

  • Cut a rectangle of lightweight non woven interfacing wide enough to go easily around the arm of your doll, and the same length as the distance from the doll's wrist to halfway across its shoulder.
  • Extend the doll's arm out to the side of its body. If the arm won't extend out, turn the arm so it faces back from the doll, away from its body. Fold the interfacing over the doll's arm and pin it so you can mark the points on either side of the arm at the bottom, where the fabric joins the fabric on the other side, and along the under arm seam line of the doll. Leave the excess length of fabric above the doll's shoulder free and loose until you have the underarm area marked.
  • Mark the underarm seam on either side of the doll's arm on your interfacing using a soft pencil. See photo above.

Instructions on the next page show you how to mark the upper shoulder and underarm edges

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