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Make the Lids for the Halloween Kitchen Cannister Set
Fitting a hoop of paper underneath a circle to make a printable kitchen canister lid for a dollhouse

Roll a piece of paper trim into a hoop and glue it beneath a lid base to form a cannister lid for a dolls house Halloween kitchen.

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Shape the lids Cut out the lid of a canister and lay it upside down above a slightly smaller circle in the template, or on a large eraser or mouse mat. Using a paper embossing tool or a rounded toothpick end, circle around the outer edge of the lid so that the lid curves gently at the edge. Beginning at the centre of the lid, press firmly with the embossing tool and draw ever widening circles from the center to the outside edge. Set this embossed lid aside.

Create a lip Cut a 1/8 inch strip of card the same length as the diameter of the canister. (Cut a longer strip and wrap it around the canister body then trim it to length.) Overlap the strip by 1/8 to 3/16 inch and glue it into a circle. Set this hoop aside to dry and do the same for the other canisters.

When the hoops are dry, apply glue to the top of each hoop and press it firmly in place on the underside of the lid of each canister. (See illustration this page) This will form a lip which will keep the canister lid in place.

To finish each canister:

Glue a small co-ordinating color bead(black,or orange) in the center of each lid and leave to dry.

  • Color the cut card edges with a black or orange colored pencil, watercolor pencil, or felt pen, to darken the cut base and lid edge of each canister if you wish.
  • Fit the canister lids to their matching canister and fill them if you wish.

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