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Make Miniature Spiral Bound Books and School Notebooks in Dolls House Scale


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Punching Spiral Wire Binding Holes With an Awl
A fine pointed awl is used to punch binding holes in a dolls house notebook.

Clamped pages and covers for a dolls house miniature notebook can have binding holes punched with an awl, a sewing machine or a fine sewing needle.

Photo copyright 2009 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

If you don't have a sewing machine, you can still create spiral wire bindings in dolls house scale, it is just a bit more finicky. The photo above shows a single book being punched over an eraser. You can use the same technique on the strip of books held together by clamps, the same way the sewing machine holes were punched. It was just easier to take photo showing one book section (the next step shows how to separate the book strip in to sections)

For books this small, it is important to get the holes in a straight line, with an even spacing. If you are doing a lot of these books by hand, you may want to make a hole punching template from a strip of plastic. (the type that lines shirt collars on new shirts is good! or a scrap of shrinky dink plastic, you want something you can see the edge of the cover through). You can draw a line on the plastic and mark where each hole should go, then punch it through the plastic to make a neat row. You can use the template over the strip of notebooks and make holes through the original holes in the template without having to mark each book separately.Hints Before you begin, check the diameter of your awl or pin is a close match to the gauge of wire you are using. Punch a few test holes and push the wire through to see if it is an easy fit.

Use an awl or sturdy pin or finishing nail (for larger scales) which has straight sides that don't get wider the further up you get. If your awl gets wider closer to the handle, make sure you press it just far enough to get through the pages, otherwise some of your holes will be larger than others, or holes on the back may be larger than holes on the front.

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