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Make Miniature Spiral Bound Books and School Notebooks in Dolls House Scale


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Clamp the Miniature Pages for the Dolls House Notebooks
A complete group of dollhouse notebooks clamped together ready to feed through a sewing machine.

Clamp the entire group of dolls house notebooks together before you punch the binding holes.

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To keep everything in a neat line as you make the all important binding holes or sew the binding on these dolls house books, use paper clamps. If you are making a wire spiral bound notebook, insert the folded pages into the cover as close to the cover fold as possible and clamp the cover over the pages, with the folded edge of the cover free of the clamp (see photo). If you are making sewn and glued notebooks, clamp the lined interior page section (accordion fold) together with the cleanest side (where all the folds line up) away from the edge of the clamp so you can sew or glue it.

To Sew Interior Pages for a Glued Notebook

Test your sewing machine stitch length on a scrap piece of paper and set it so it produces about 18 stitches per inch (if you are making 1:12 or 1:24 books) for play scale you may need it at roughly 10 to 12 stitches per inch, and for 1:48 scale you may not be able to sew the small pages, only glue them. Using white thread in your sewing machine, run a line of stitches 1/8 inch or closer to the unclamped edge of your notebook sections. Don't worry about the stitches that run across the gaps between the sections of pages, just sew down in one neat line.

To Make Binding Holes For the Spiral Bound Notebooks

This is much easier and neater to do with a sewing machine! Clamp the liner pages into the folded cover so the edges of the lined pages are as close to the fold as possible. Keep the clamps on the opening edge of the notebook so the bound edge (where the cover folds over) is free. Carefully run the entire line of little books through a sewing machine with no thread in the machine or the bobbin. You are only using your sewing machine needle to make regularly spaced holes. (see spacing note above for the sewn notebooks and set your sewing machine stitch length the same to produce holes). If you don't have a sewing machine, you can skip this step and see the next step for using an awl or a needle to punch the holes. After you have sewn the holes, do not remove the clamps!

The directions that follow will deal with the glued notebooks first, and then get back to making the spiral wire notebooks.

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