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Make Miniature Spiral Bound Books and School Notebooks in Dolls House Scale


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Cut and Fold the Printable Sections for Dolls House Notebooks
Folded covers and pages to make a spiral bound notebook in dolls house scale.

Accordion folded pages and folded covers for dolls house miniature school notebooks and spiral bound books.

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To print the notebook pages and covers you have a choice of making them single sided or double sided. To print the pages double sided (works for most printers), carefully line up the paper in your printer's paper tray so it is touching the correct sides of the tray. Print page one of the printables for your particular notebook scale.

Insert the page you just printed, right side (printed side) up in on top of the paper in your printer, lining it up so it matches as exactly as possible the position of the papers below it in the tray. Each page has the top of the page marked on it. For most printers, the top of the page should be closest to where the pages enter the printer from the tray.

Print the second page of the printable notebook files

Hold the printed page up against a light or a window to see if the ruled sections for the notepaper sections line up. If they are too far to the right or left, you may have to adjust the paper position in your tray. If they are upside down on one side, you will need to turn your paper so the printed top edge is facing away from where the paper enters the printer from the tray.

If you only print on one side your notebook will have alternating ruled and plain pages which is not a problem.

Cut and Fold the Notebook Sections

Cut out the entire section of notebook covers in one unit following the outer lines of the covers. Do not separate the covers! Cut out the entire group of notebook pages along the outside of the entire section, do not separate the individual sections (see photo above). Fold the covers in half and run a bone folder or the back of your fingernail, or the bowl of a spoon over the crease to make it as neat as possible. Fold the lined interior pages along the black lines, folding all the page sections together as a unit in a set of accordion folds (see the photo above). Make sure these sections are all tightly creased, just like the cover, and that the folds line up on either side when you have all the folds finished. If you can't get the folds to line up on all sides, line them up on at least the binding edge. This is very important or your binding will not work.

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