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Make Miniature Spiral Bound Books and School Notebooks in Dolls House Scale


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Make Printable Miniature Dollhouse School Notebooks and Spiral Bound Books
A spiral bound notebook in dolls house scale with a scale sewn and glued notebook beside it.

A finished spiral bound note book in dolls house scale with a sewn and glued binding beside it.

Photo copyright 2009 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

Spiral bindings have arrived for all kinds of miniature dolls house books. Shown here as a method to bind miniature school notebooks, you can use the same technique to make miniature recipe books, dolls house photo albums, and all kinds of other books you want to be able to open, and have lay flat.

The method here uses common techniques of simple bookbinding which can be used for lots of larger projects. You don't need to save these methods for the dolls house or scrapbook page.

This is a very cute way to make mini notebooks of photos to sit on a scrapbook page layout or to use as package or table decorations for special events.

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