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Dolls House Scale Printable Miniature Parisian Souvenirs


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Dollhouse Flags, Postcards, Scarves and T Shirts With a Parisian Theme
Printable Parisian t shirts, scarves, bumper stickers, flags and postcards in dolls house scale.

Free printable miniature designs for Paris souvenir T shirts flags and scarves suitable for dolls house or other miniature scale displays or for scrapbook decorations with a Paris or French theme.

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Dolls house printable miniature souvenirs and scale fabrics are ready for display in scale souvenir booths, or on the wall or body of a doll sized 1:6 through 1:48 scale. You can use these scarves, Tees, Flags, Postcards and bumper stickers for a variety of projects. The printable fabrics are given in the same scale as the paper T shirts in case you want to print some fabric to make your own coordinating items. If you want smaller scale patterns, use the smaller sized fabric samples, or you can pick the single fabric patterns from the 1:6 scale files and reduce or enlarge them with your photocopier or printer.

Don't feel limited to using the printables as they appear. You can cut sections from the printable fabric designs to make paper mugs, shopping bags, handbags, pillows or other items to add to your miniature scenes. Use the information given with the shop printables to make custom shopping bags, or follow the instructions for making mugs from the kitchen printables to make Breton or sunflower striped souvenirs in miniature.

To make the miniature souvenirs you will need

  • Printable Pdf (Acrobat Reader Files)
    • 1:24 and 1:48 scale This pdf (acrobat reader file) for souvenirs in 1:24 and 1:48 scale is a large file containing both the fabric and the souvenir item printables in two scales. It prints out on a single sheet of letter sized paper, but it may take a while to download.
    • 1:12 Scale Souvenirs This single Pdf File contains printable souvenirs: flags, postcards, bumper stickers, signs and printable paper head scarves and t shirts. The t shirts can be cut with an edge and glued together to make a T shirt for a hanger display, or can be printed singly and folded. You can also print the t shirt designs on printable fabric (like eq printable fabric lawn) if you wish.
    • 1:6 Scale Printable Souvenirs are set up on separate sheets as they are larger than the other printables. You can choose from the Printable Post Cards which includes bumper stickers, a sign and the back and front of a blue and white striped long sleeve t shirt. The Scarf Designs which contains a sunflower and a french flag scarf along with the flags of Paris and France. There is also a sheet of sheet of shirts which contains a sunflower tank and a French Flag T shirt design, both in 1:6 scale.

The photograph of Monet's Garden used for the miniature postcard is Courtesy of Marion Boddy-Evens, About.Com's Guide to Painting She has a gallery of photos of Monet's Garden at Giverny posted as inspiration for painters.

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