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Printable Miniature Scale Fabric Designs for Dolls Clothing


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Small Scale Tartan Fabric
1:12 scale shirt stripe and tartan designs for printable wallpaper or fabric.

These printable miniature tartan and shirt stripe designs are scaled for 1:12 or dolls house scale dolls, but can be made smaller using your printer.

Photo ©2008 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

This printable miniature fabric design features a Tartan fabric. Tartan is woven in patterns called Setts, which are a particular size. Smaller scale tartans are available in silk and wool tie fabric. If you cannot find small scale tartans, use the design given here as a pdf file, and print it on ink jet cotton lawn or silk fabric sheets using an ink jet printer, to make tartan linings for picnic baskets, tree skirts, or possibly small scale kilts and skirts.

The tartan pattern is available as a pdf (acrobat reader file)

Many of the printable designs for scale miniature wallpapers can also be used to make co-ordinated fabrics for doll clothing, drapery and upholstery in several dolls house scales.

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