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Make Printable Miniature Boxes for a Dolls House Scale Shop Scene


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Instructions To Make Miniature Shop Boxes
Lined printable boxes with separate lids for miniature or dolls house scale shops.

Lined printable miniature shop boxes and lids in several sizes and shapes.

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Printable 1:12 dollhouse scale and some 1:6 or playscale boxes can be scaled larger or smaller with your printer. Each page has two small and two medium boxes, two shirt boxes and a round hat box.

Preparation Print the designs on printer paper or light card. After printing, coat the designs with acrylic varnish or sealant if you wish. When the varnish is dry, cut the designs out along the outside lines and fold them to shape using a straight edge or bone folder.


  • Fold or score the boxes along the straight edges between colors. Fold or score across the base of the box by running a fold that continues the outer line of each box side, (making a rectangle or square for the box base.) Score the boxes so the tabs will fold in.
  • Lay out the box so it is the shape of a cross, the longest end pointed towards you.
    • Glue the sides starting with the end square on the side arms of the cross beside the tabs. Fold and glue it to the inside of the tabbed section.
    • Join the sides Fold the outside square at the top of the cross to the inside as you did with the sections near the tabs, but do not glue it yet.
    • Fold the two tabbed sections and the top section at right angles to the box base.
    • Glue the tabs on the colored edge and set them inside the top side. Glue the wrong side of the upper top square and fold it down over the tabs, gluing them in place to the box side.
    • Glue the final side and liner by repeating the last step with the last box side. The larger colored tab section will line both the side and bottom of the box.

    Make the box lids

    • Fold the side tabs down at right angles to the box top. Fit the box lid over the box.
    • Cut a strip of banding and fit it around the box top over the tabs, bending it crisply at the corners.
    • Trim the band and glue it to the tabs while the lid is on the box, making sure the lid is not too tight. Remove the box lid until it is dry.
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