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Make Printable Paper or Fabric Hats With Brims for Miniature and Fashion Dolls


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Printable Files in Several Scales for Dollhouse Scale Hats
Sheet of printable parts to make dolls house hats with wide brims.

Sheet of printable parts to make brimmed dolls house hats.

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To make these printable brimmed hats in various scales you will need:

  • Paper or Printable Fabric The files are set to print on letter size paper or fabric sheets. I used 24 lb paper rather than card.
  • PVA (white) Glue or an acid free glue stick.
  • Sharp Scissors it is useful to have both rounded and straight blades.
  • Embossing Tool or round ended toothpick to shape crown edges.
  • Ribbons and Trims if you wish. You can make small paper roses or tulips as trim.
  • Printable Files available in pdf format for the size of hat you wish to make.
    Playscale or Fashion Doll Scale (1:6) separate files available for denim blue or pansy patterns.
    Standard Dollhouse Scale (1:12)
    Half Scale and Quarter Scale (1:24 or G scale) (1:48 or O Scale).

See the following pages of this tutorial for the instructions on assembling the hats

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