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Make a Printable Popcorn Machine and Dolls House Popcorn Bags and Boxes


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Materials Needed to Make A Dolls House Popcorn Machine and Popcorn Containers
Printable pieces to make a popcorn machine and popcorn containers in dolls house scale.

Printable parts for a popcorn machine, popcorn containers, and signs in dolls house scale.

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To Make The Printable Popcorn Tubs, Bags and Popcorn Machine You Will Need:

Printable Sheet or Sheets for the Dollhouse Scale You Wish To Use - Click on a link below to go to a printable pdf file (acrobat reader required) of the parts for your chosen scale.

  • Embossing Tool or rounded toothpick to texture the popcorn graphics
  • Foam Pad or Eraser to shape the popcorn graphics on.
  • PVA (White) Glue
  • Glue Spreader
  • Clear Plastic Sheet Protector or approximately 3 x 8 inches of stiff but bendable cellophane or clear plastic for the sides of the popcorn machine.
  • Small amount of Clear Cellophane Tape
  • Silver metallic tape or narrow silver stick on lines to make the corners of the popcorn machine.
  • Sharp Scissors.
  • Bent Nose Tweezers

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