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Patriotic and Celebratory Miniature Fan Drapes and Bunting for Party Scenes


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Make Printable Paper Bunting Flags in Miniature Scales
Making dollhouse scale bunting flags to hang for miniature street scenes, market stalls or parties.

How to make miniature bunting flags to decorate scale market stalls, street scenes or dolls house birthday settings.

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To make dolls house scale bunting, print the free sheet of printable bunting designs (acrobat pdf file) and cut out your choice of colors or patterns along the cutting lines. If you prefer, you can lay the plain pattern section in a particular scale over a piece of wrapping or scrapbook paper to make flags in your own coordinates. Note that the individual flag sections have a small straight section at the widest point which will be folded over the thread used to hold them together in a string of bunting.

When you have the flag pieces cut out, fold over the wide end of the flag at the point where the straight lines meet the angle leading to the point of the pennant (about 1/8 inch in from the widest point of the flag). Use a bone folder or a fingernail or ruler to make a sharp crease on this fold. Trim off any visible corners of the folded section so that it is hidden behind the main body of the flag.

Arrange your colored flags in a pleasing pattern then place a bit of glue on the inside edge of the back fold and set a piece of thread in the fold, leaving three inches or so of thread free before your flag position, and gluing down the back flap over the thread to hold the flag on the thread. Repeat this with the other flags in your arrangement, spacing them close together along the thread, with all of them facing the same way as shown. When your bunting is as long as you want it, cut your thread three inches away from the last flag and set the bunting aside to dry. Use the ends of the thread to tie or glue the bunting in place on your miniature scene.

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