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Patriotic and Celebratory Miniature Fan Drapes and Bunting for Party Scenes


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Decorating With Printable Miniature Bunting and Draping
Dollhouse scale table decorated for a fair with flag themed draping in red, white and blue.

Decorate for the Fourth of July (or Bastille Day) with this free printable miniature flag draping in dollhouse scales of 1:12, 1:24 and 1:48. These printables are also suitable for decorating cake plates and other serving plates with patriotic designs.

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Bunting and draping are two quick ways to make a miniature scene look like a celebration. Most commonly used for July 4th, the fan draping can be used to decorate party tables, dolls house fronts, or run between the pickets on miniature picket fences. This is a common way to decorate prize tables for a fair scene, but you can also use it to decorate a full size cake for the Glorious Fourth.

The drape printables on the following pages have red, white and blue stripes, or red, white and blue stripes with stars and can be printed off in several scale sizes. Use the smaller sizes to make bows for the larger sizes by folding the strips in half and gluing them to make double sided paper ribbons.

Bunting, the small flags hung from lines across car lots, has its origins in naval flags. Use these modern or traditional colors to decorate the front of a shop, mark of a picnic area for a railroad scene, or to decorate a dolls house room or garden for a modern child's birthday party.

Other printables and decorations which may finish off a patriotic display for the Fourth of July or some other celebration include:

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