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Make Printable Miniature Kitchen Canisters or Storage Tins in 1:12 Scale


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Introduction to Making Printable Miniature Kitchen Canisters or Storage Tins
Printable paper plates and kitchen canisters in a Christmas rose design

Printable canisters and plates in 1:12 scale for a dolls house kitchen

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These free printable kitchen canisters or tins are sized for a dolls house in 1:12 scale. They are designed with a Helleborus niger / Christmas Rose pattern. The set can be printed on a single piece of glossy photo paper sized 4 inches by 6 inches or you can print the illustration out on printer paper and glue it to a piece of lightweight cardstock, or a second piece of printer paper.

The set is shown slightly out of scale in an inexpensive piece of pine miniature furniture from a big box craft store. The set and the furniture cost less than $5 to buy and decorate.

Other similar pieces are available in different color schemes. There is a Country Blue Kitchen Set, a Red and Gold Coffee and Tea Service, and a Witches Kitchen set in a Halloween Design.

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