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Make Free Printable Miniature Flower Containers in Four Dolls House Scales


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Glue the Sides and the Bases of the Printable Floral Containers
Glue the sides and the base on miniature printable floral buckets in several dolls house scales

Turn up the base tabs and glue the sides of the round printable floral buckets, then glue the base to the tabs.

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Turn up the tabs on the base of the floral container and then glue the sides together with the marked overlap (about 1/8 inch). When the sides are glued together, carefully check that the bottom of the container is round and level when it is stood up, or adjust the tabs until it stands correctly. Spread glue on the tabs and press the base of the container in place. Press down on the tabs inside the container using the end of your embossing tool to make sure the tabs are securely glued to the base. Set the container aside to dry.

Container Sides with Tabs on the Wide End are the bases for the jugs or pitchers. Prepare these bases the same way you make the flower buckets and the flower pot.

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