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Make Free Printable Miniature Flower Containers in Four Dolls House Scales


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Free Printable Flower Containers in Three Colorways and Four Dollhouse Scales
Dollhouse scale printable floral containers filled with geraniums, roses and foxgloves.

A set of printable miniature cache pots, floral buckets, and flower jugs or pitchers made in 1:12 dolls house scale.

Photo copyright 2009 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

These printables for miniatures of traditional metal flower buckets, pitchers or jugs and cache pots can be used in all kinds of scale model and dolls house scenes. The samples show were printed on gloss photo paper to give them a shiny finish. The set of two French flower buckets, two metal pitchers, and a round and a rectangular planter, can be made in a blue, cream or celadon green color theme. To make the printables look like metal, you can emboss the detail lines to make them look sunken or raised, the way they are on metal buckets and pots.

This set can be printed double sided to create a colored liner for the printables. Links to the printable files and the backing sheets can be found on the materials page.

If you are familiar with soldering techniques you can use the printables as templates to make flower containers from thin copper sheeting. Remove the tabs from the designs and solder the sides and bases in place instead of glueing them.

The colors of these printables coordinate with the Printable French themed wallpapers .

If you aren't familiar with working with printables, you may want to read these articles from the Miniature Basics section of this website:

The flowers shown above are made from kits by Lesley's Garden

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