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Make Country Blue Printable Miniature Serving Dishes for the Dollhouse Kitchen


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Make the Printable Flower Pots in the Country Blue Floral Pattern
Dollhouse flower pots made from printable strips of paper rolled together.

Printable country blue floral flower pots are assembled by forming a rolled strip of paper, then gently pressing out the center of the roll.

Photo copyright 2009 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

These plant pots are made similar to the larger printable dolls house plant pots and can be made following the same instructions if you need more details than are given here.

The plant pots are made by cutting out the strips of paper provided and gluing a length with a floral design to a plain colored piece to make a long strip of paper with a floral design on one end. When the glue has dried, roll the strip into a tight cylinder beginning with the solid colored end. Glue the end of the floral section to the roll to hold it tightly together. When the glue has dried, use the top of a glue bottle, or a toothpaste tube, to press gently into the center of the rolled strip, pushing the center of the strip out to form the shape of a plant pot. When you have adjusted the paper to the shape you want, run glue along the inside of the flower pot to hold the paper strip in place.

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