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Make Country Blue Printable Miniature Serving Dishes for the Dollhouse Kitchen


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Make Country Blue Printable Miniature Kitchen Casseroles and Serving Dishes
Dollhouse kitchen serving set of casseroles, tray, plates, fruit bowl, and decorative plant pots.

Casseroles, side plates, serving tray, fruit bowl, and plant pots made from printable designs in dolls house scales.

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These Country Blue doll house scale serving dishes and casseroles match the Country Blue canisters and plates and the Country Blue Floral Wallpapers. The set can be printed on a single piece of glossy photo paper or you can print the illustration out on printer paper and glue it to a piece of lightweight cardstock, or a second piece of printer paper.

The set is available in the scales of 1:6 (fashion doll or playscale), 1:12, 1:24 (G or Garden railroad scale) and 1:48 (railroad O scale).

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