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Printable Fabric or Paper Aprons and Chef's Hat for a Range of Dollhouse Scales


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Traditional or Custom Apron Designs in Dolls House Scales
A printable apron and chef's toque on a dolls house scale doll.

A printable apron and chef's toque on a dolls house scale doll.

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The free printables in this tutorial can be used to make a range of dolls house scale aprons and chef's hats or toques for shops or barbecue scenes. The aprons come in the traditional blue and white stripe of a butcher, a red and white check, a white barbecue apron, or you can can use any of the printables as a template to make an original design from fabric or paper. The aprons go together quickly and are great for father's day scenes, scrapbook pages or cards as well as for use on traditional dolls, or hanging from pegs in a miniature shop. You can print the designs on standard printer paper, or use special ink jet printable fabric sheets, like the EQ Printable Cotton Lawn reviewed here. If you are going to make aprons from your own patterned papers or fabrics, try to use lighter weight papers and lightweight cotton lawn to make your aprons drape properly.

Fitting the Apron These aprons are designed to be full length on most dolls house dolls. They can be made narrower or shorter by trimming the base and sides, or you can fold up the bottom of the apron as shown on the doll in the photo above. The printable pdf (acrobat reader) files to make the aprons are listed on the next page, by scale. Click on a link to open the printable pdf file.

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