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Store Street Emporium and Castle Hill House Printable Shops in 1: 144 Scale


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Add the Floors and the Roofs to the Store Street Emporium and Castle Hill House
Interior photograph of the 1:144 scale Store Street Emporium and Castle Hill House

Interiors of the Castle Hill House and Store Street Emporium showing the floors.

Photo ©2007 Lesley Shepherd, Licensed to About.com Inc.

Assemble the Floors

Straight Front Buildings

  • Crease the building along the side fold lines, making sure the interiors fold crisply.
  • Cut out the floors Test fit them to make sure they fit in the slots between the floor support and the baseboard of the wall paper above. Trim them to fit if necessary.
  • Run a small line of glue along the two sides and back of the first floor.
  • Glue the floor in place by sliding it carefully into the slot between the floor support and the wall paper baseboard.
  • Press the sides of the building gently against the floor to ensure the glue adheres. Lay the building on its side and weight the top side with a ruler until the walls are glued to the floor.
  • Repeat these steps for the remaining floors.

Assemble the Roof

  • Cut out the two dark roof sections beside the store street facade. The bottom edge is facing down on the print.
  • Test fit the roof to make sure the overhang is correct.
  • Glue the roof pieces to a scrap of card or paper with the top edges touching.
  • Fold the roof to the correct angle for the peak of the shop.
  • Apply glue to the peak of the house and the top wall edges. Set the roof in place on the shop with a slight overhang on the front of the shop. The roof should line up with the back walls of the shop. Press the roof in place and set it aside to dry.

To Create a Straight Front for Castle Hill House follow the instructions as for the emporium but trim the three small floor sections even with the base of the bow outline, cutting off the bow. Without the bow, the floor will need to be wider, which has been allowed for in the three sections given.

Trim the back roof to allow access to the third floor interior before glueing the back roof in place.

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