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Store Street Emporium and Castle Hill House Printable Shops in 1: 144 Scale


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First Steps In Assembling the Store Street Emporium and Castle Hill House
Layout of wallpapers on interior of 1:144 scale Store Street Emporium miniature shop.

Placement of wall finishes in the interior of the Store Street Emporium in 1:144 scale

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Cut Out and Assemble the buildings.

Begin with the Store Street Emporium.

  • Cut out the building facade for store street and use a bone folder or a sharp straight edge to fold the sides of the shop crisply at right angles to the shop front.
  • Lay the shop front down flat on its printed surface
  • Locate the straight brown floor supportabove the shop front, and cut it out, keeping the edges as straight as possible. Glue this piece to the back of the shop, lining it up with the bottom edge of the shop. It will act as the support for the floor above. Set aside to dry.
  • Cut out the wall papered interior sections.
  • Trim the base of the white boarded section to fit the first floor interior. Use a spare scrap of card stock (or plywood or bristol board if you are using it as a backing) as a spacer between the base of the wallpaper and the floor support below. The space is needed to glue the floor into later. When you have the spacing correct, glue the wall paper across the span of the shop, making sure the edges are straight.
  • Add the second floor wallpaper the same way you did the first, leaving a small gap for the floor between the top cornice of the first floor wallpaper and the bottom of the second floor wallpaper. Add the final brick paper to the top floor, trimming it level with the sides of the building at the top edge.

    Repeat these steps for the Castle Hill House, using the wide wooden section beside the roofing sections as the finish for the top floor and attic.

    When trimming the Castle Hill House walls, cut along the pitch lines for the roofs, and cut along the curve line for the three floors if you wish to create a bay window. If you want to leave the shop front straight, cut the floors across on the lie level with the base of the bay to cut the bay off the floor sections.

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