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Printable Miniature Shabby Chic Quilts In a Grandma's Fan Design


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Printable Dollhouse Scale Shabby Chic Quilts in a Grandma's Fan Pattern
Printable miniature quilt with a grandma's fan design in 1:12 scale.

Printable miniature quilt design featuring a Grandma's fan block.

Photo © 2011 Lesley Shepherd

Print these dollhouse scale quilts in three dollhouse scales. The quilts can be printed on fabric, like the EQ Printable Cotton Lawn or printed on paper, and crumpled to make them resemble soft fabric. The quilt designs are available in two colorways, one with a stronger set of colors than the other, so take your pick.

Pdf files for printables (acrobat reader required).

Printable Grandma's Fan Quilt Design in 1:12 Scale

Printable Grandma's Fan Quilt Design in 1:24 and 1:48 Scale

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