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Make Printable Miniature Hockey Jerseys in Dolls House Scales


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Make Printable Miniature Hockey Jerseys in Several Dolls House Scales
Printable paper hockey jersey in dolls house scale ready for a hanger or a doll.

With the edges glued over the seam allowance this printable paper hockey jersey in dolls house scale is ready to be displayed on a hanger, fitted to a doll, or folded and laid on a shelf.

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These six different printable miniature hockey jerseys are generic representations of team jerseys which can be made more realistic by adding stickers with team logos, and stencilling your choice of names and numbers on the jerseys. The printable can also be used as templates to make your own jersey's in your choice of colors. I've tried for a range of popular colors in the printables to offer something for everyone. One jersey has been designed with a Captain's C. Those who love hockey will understand why.

The jerseys can be printed on paper or on printable fabric, like the EQ cotton lawn printable fabric sheets.

In the pages which follow I'll explain how to make the jerseys three dimensional, to sew or glue, and how to fit them to a doll. To make them, choose from three scales of printable pdf (acrobat reader files):

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