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The plate and cup designs in this gallery are ready to print and turn into miniature paper plates for national holidays or themed displays. They are best printed on photo weight paper or light card. Save the picture to your computer, set the print size to 3.5 by 5 inches and print. Check the measurement line at the bottom of the page after you print the design and enlarge the design if necessary. The dinner plates should print out at 13/16 of an inch wide.

If you cannot print the designs on photo paper, print it out on regular printer paper, or heavier card stock, and coat the print with gloss acrylic sealer or varnish to seal the ink jet ink into the plate before you emboss it to shape (see instructions).

The large plates are designed to be cut by hand or punched out with a 13/16 circular paper punch. They make the equivalent of an almost ten inch plate in 1:12 scale. The smaller plates are equivalent to salad plates.

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dollhouse paper plates American theme1:12 Scale Printable Dollhouse Paper PlatesMaterials for Dollhouse Printable Paper PlatesMaterials Needed to Make 1:12 Scale Miniature Dollhouse Paper PlatesUse a circle template and an embossing tool to shape printed circles into dollhouse paper plates.Assembly Instructions to Make Dollhouse Paper Plates and CupsAmerican Themed Dollhouse Printable Paper Plates and CupsMake American Themed Printable Dollhouse Paper Plates and Cups
Printable dinner, side plates and cups with a Canadian themeMake Canadian Themed Printable Dollhouse PlatesDollhouse scale miniature plates and cups in a Union Jack design.British Themed Dollhouse Printable Paper PlatesDollhouse printable plates with a French themeMake French Themed Printable Dollhouse Paper PlatesNetherlands Flag Design Printable Paper Plates and CupsMake Netherlands Themed Printable Paper Plates in Dolls' House Scale
Miniature Italian flag design printable paper platesMake Italian Themed Dolls' House Printable Paper PlatesGerman flag design on printable paper plates in dollhouse scale.Make German Themed Miniature Dolls' House PlatesBlank template for d.ollhouse paper plates and cups.Blank Printable Dollhouse Paper Plate Template
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