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Printable Dollhouse Miniatures For Fabrics, Dinner Services, Wallpaper and More

Free printables in a range of dolls' house scales for miniature shops and other model scenes and dioramas . Items include wallpapers, furniture, fabrics and doll clothing as well as kitchen and other miniature accessories. Includes information on how to make your own miniature printables and the best papers to use. Please remember that printables artwork is copyright to the creator and most sites prevent their printables from being used for resale or any purposes other than private use.
  1. Dollhouse Shop Printables (17)
  2. Kitchen Printables (23)
  3. Links to Printable Resources (21)
  4. Printable Buildings (6)
  5. Printable Doll Clothes (5)
  6. Printable Scale Wallpapers (13)

Working with Paper Miniatures and Dollhouse Printables
How to print, scale and work with paper miniatures and dolls house printables. What papers and glue to use, construction tips and tools.

Printable 2011 Calendar Sized For An Empty CD Case
Free printable cd case sized 2010 calendar featuring miniatures from About.com

Make Dolls House Scale Versailles Planter Boxes From Card and Veneer Tape
How to make sale miniature Versailles Planter Boxes from Printables and Card or Veneer Tape.

Make a Printable Miniature Arched Garden Arbor in Dollhouse Scales
Printable miniature arbor in two widths and three scales for above a bench or over a walkway.

Make Printable Miniature Airline Tickets and Travel Guides in Dolls House Scales
Make printable airline tickets, boarding passes, and travel guide books for your dolls house in your choice of 1:6, 1:12, 1:24 or 1:48 scales

Weave Printable Miniature Dollhouse Baskets from Paper and Paper Strips
Weave these 1:6 and 1:12 scale paper baskets from printables and paper strips. The baskets can be used for tiny treats or in dolls house or model scenes.

Printable Miniature Shabby Chic Quilts In a Grandma's Fan Design
Print these miniature quilts on fabric or paper in several dollhouse scales

Printable Halloween Decorations for a Haunted Dollhouse
Printable door covers and picket fences for dolls house scale Halloween scenes. Fences are in 1:24 and 1:48 scale, while door covers are available in 1:12, 1:24 and 1:48 scale

Small Scale Heart Paper Designs
These small scale heart designs are wonderful for dollhouse scale packages or tissue items like baking cups and sheets of tissue paper.

Free Dollhouse Kitchen Printables in Several Model Scales
Dollhouse kitchenware, dinner, coffee / tea and dessert services as well as fabrics and patterns for aprons, wallpapers and tableclothes in a range of miniature scales.

Free Printable Designs for Dolls House Scale Fabrics and Wallpapers
Free printable designs for dollhouse wallpaper, packages, fabrics and trims. A number of the designs co-ordinate with printable shop boxes and shop bags.

Printable Classic French Floor Tiles for Dollhouse Floors
Classic French tile designs in two sizes and three colorways which co-ordinate with the printable teapot wallpapers

Printable Backdrops for Dolls House Roomboxes and Model Scenes
Printable backdrops for roomboxes and model scenes, exterior and interior.

Make Free Printable Miniature Flower Containers
Make printable miniature flower containers for a dolls house florist, corner shop or dolls house interior. The free printables are in the common dollhouse scales of 1:6, 1:12, 1:24 and 1:48

Back Paper With Foil To Hold Shapes in Printable Miniatures
Back miniature printables with foil to control their shape when attempting to mimic fabric

Make Scale Spiral Notebooks and School Notebooks
Make miniature spiral notebooks and ruled class notebooks in popular dolls house scales for back to school.

Dolls House Scale Printable Miniature Parisian Souvenirs
Printable paper and fabric souvenirs from Paris for dolls house scale scenes in 1:6, 1:12, 1:24, and 1:48 scales.

Patriotic and Celebratory Miniature Bunting
Use free printable miniatures to make bunting flags and patriotic draping to decorate scale market stalls, tables, street scenes or dolls house birthday settings.

Printable Dolls House Scale Popcorn Machine and Popcorn Containers
Use these free printables to make a dolls house scale popcorn machine and popcorn tubs and bags in 1:6, 1:12, 1:24 and 1:48 scales.

Make Printable Miniature Victorian Valentine Boxes
These printable miniature heart shaped boxes with Victorian decorations can be made in several styles and sizes to be used for candy favors, valentines displays, wedding favors, miniature boxes, or as dolls house valentines for a scene or dollhouse shop.

Make Printable Miniature Heart Shaped Boxes
These printable miniature heart shaped boxes can be made in several styles and sizes to be used for candy favors, valentines displays, wedding favors, miniature boxes, or as dolls house valentines.

Pictures for Dolls House Nursery Walls
Printable pictures and frames for a dolls house nursery or child's room.

Printable Miniature Scale Fabric Designs for Dolls Clothing
Print these designs on cotton lawn to make miniature scale fabrics for dolls house dolls.

Witch's Kitchen Dolls House Printables
Set up storage and display containers for a witch's or dollhouse Halloween kitchen with these free printables for storge canisters, serving bowls and plates, and a tea or coffee set.

Make Miniature Beach Hut Photo Frames
These printable miniature photo frames can be used to include your beach photos in a dolls house or other scale scene.

Printable Shelf Paper and Shelf Edging in the Christmas Rose Design
This printable shelf lining and edgings are useful to help co-ordinate a dolls house kitchen.

Print and Make Miniature and Dolls House Halloween Decorations
Miniature Halloween themed printable plates, cups, trick or treat bags, treat bags and garlands and decorations for dolls houses and other miniature scenes. Ghosts, bats, pumpkins and witches to cut out and use for displays.

Printable Miniature Apothecary Containers
Use this set of printables to make and label containers for a miniature apothecary shop or alchemist's table.

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